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Meeting Agenda 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

5:30 p.m.


Type of Meeting:        Curriculum and Education Committee Meeting


Meeting Location:       City Center, Conference Room A


Members:                    April Cusick, Staci Fortunato, Jennifer Neumeyer



1.  Homeless and Hunger – Theresa Violette


2.  School behavior rubric review

          Cony High School

              Attachment 1

          Cony Middle School

              Attachment 2


              Attachment 3

          Farrington Elementary

              Attachment 4

          Gilbert Elementary

              Attachment 5

          Hussey Elementary

              Attachment 6

          Lincoln Elementary

              Attachment 7

          Policy JIC:  Student Code of Conduct

               Attachment 8

          Policy JK:  Student Discipline

               Attachment 9


3.  Early start times – discussion