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February 8, 2017

5:30 p.m.



Committee Members Present:  Staci Fortunato, Jennifer Neumeyer


Board Members Present:  Edward Hastings, Kimberly Martin, Kati McCormick, Deborah Towle


Administrators Present:  James Anastasio, Donna Madore, Kathy Casparius, Lynne Adams, Troy Alexander, Teresa Beaudoin, Stew Brittner, Sue Dionne, Bruce Dostie, James Holland, Jan Rollins, Kim Silsby, Theresa Violette


Motion by Jennifer Neumeyer to amend the agenda to appoint the chair, second by Staci Fortunato, so moved 2-0.


Motion by Staci Fortunato to nominate Jennifer Neumeyer as chair of the Curriculum and Education Committee, second by Jennifer Neumeyer, so moved 2-0.


1.  Homeless and Hunger – Theresa Violette


Theresa Violette, Director of Title 1 and Homeless Liaison, gave an update on the food initiatives going on across the school department.  She said in 2013 they started to see a pattern of hunger across the Augusta School Department.  In working with organizations within the district, a weekend food program was implemented in all four of the elementary schools and in 2015-2016 Cony was added.  On a weekly basis, there are 143 food bags that come in, organized and then go out to students.  Literacy for ME, a local group which promotes literacy, collects books and provides a book of the students’ choosing in food bags twice a month.  Along with the “Cony Cupboard” we now have the “Cony Closet” where clothing is provided for at risk and needy children.   There is also a Feed the Kids summer program where a bag lunch is provided to students at each of the four city parks, Glenridge and Buker. 


Ms. Violette also gave an update on the homeless population in the school district.  At this time, there are 72 students identified as homeless. 


2.  School behavior rubric review

          Cony High School

              Attachment 1

          Cony Middle School

              Attachment 2


              Attachment 3

          Farrington Elementary

              Attachment 4

          Gilbert Elementary

              Attachment 5

          Hussey Elementary

              Attachment 6

          Lincoln Elementary

              Attachment 7

          Policy JIC:  Student Code of Conduct

               Attachment 8

          Policy JK:  Student Discipline

               Attachment 9


Donna Madore, Assistant Superintendent brought this item to the board to review what the process is and how behavioral concerns are handled by the building administrators per the Board policy.  It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that there is a code of conduct within the school department.  School board Policies JIC: Student Code of Conduct and JK:  Student Discipline were reviewed along with each school’s behavior rubric.  The process seeks to educate students before discipline and there is always a progression as seen on all rubrics.  The first option is not to suspend.


3.  Early start times – discussion


Motion by Staci Fortunato to table item 3, second by Jennifer Neumeyer, so moved 2-0.


Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.