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Did you coplete your high school diploma? If not, now is the time to do so. Contact us at (207) 626-2470 and make an appointment to begin the step by step process. We will help you decide the best option for attaining that goal and others.


For a Cony High School Diploma, you will have to earn 24 Carnegie Units or credits to graduate. Your transcript is analyzed, and previous high school, college, work, volunteer/community service, homemaking, military, and life experiences will be applied to determine remaining requirements for graduation. Basic requirements are as follows:

     English               4.0          Science                            3.5
     U.S. History       1.0           Math                                 3.5
     Civics                 0.5           Fine Arts                          1.0
     Health                 0.5          Economic Foundations     0.5
     Social Studies   0.5           Computers                        0.5
     Global Insights 1.0             Electives                           7.0
                                               Academic & Career
                                                      Advising                      0.5

TOTAL:  24 Carnegie Credits
                   plus 20 hours of Community Service

All required courses are offered through Adult Education. It is a constructive way to enjoy a night out and earn your high school diploma at the same time.